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Outstanding Outdoor Events - the name is what we are about.  Outdoor events for both the general public (Trail Runs) and groups (Team Building).  We appreciate you spending your time with us, and we'll do everything we can to make sure you have an outstanding time.

Trail Runs are a great way to get out and see some of the beautiful parks we have in the area. You can walk / jog / run at your own pace with friends.  Alex is working on the 2011 schedule.

Team Building events are tailored to your group's specifications, and are always built around fun activities in our outdoor parks.  Contact Jessica to work out the details for your event.

Alex Finch

Alex_FinchI did the typical Silicon Valley thing - worked for several startups, and then started my own business selling equipment online.  The change for me began in 2006 when we got Lolly, our Black Lab.  She was so full of energy, I needed to start running to get her enough exercise.  That got me up to a couple of miles at a time.  Then in 2007 I discovered orienteering (running through the woods with just a map and compass to find control points) and I was hooked.  I began running regularly with a group of friends and going to orienteering events put on by the Bay Area Orienteering Club.  In order to help give back to the club, I helped set courses for several events and became the Event Coordinator for the club.  In 2009 I ran 35K in my first trail run and was completely impressed by the support and comaraderie the runners all showed to each other. I then became interested in what it means to run, and started reading about the possible benefits of barefoot running as a training technique.  I went to a clinic with Barefoot Ted in May 2010 and have been working on my running form since.  You can read my blog for more on that topic.  I started Outstanding Outdoor Events because I realized how much I enjoy being outside in the wonderful parks we have.  Not only can I be out there, but I can share it all with you.

Jessica Finch

DSC_7967In college I was the activities director for the Student Body for two years. I oversaw more than fifty events with groups ranging in size from 20 to 150 people. I discovered that not only do I have a knack for organizing events, I really enjoy putting them together for people.

I went to my first Orienteering event in 2007 at Camp Tamarancho (Fairfax). I was not so sure at first if it was my thing, as I am not very good when it comes to navigation. But after finding my first control I really got into it. My understanding of the sport has gotten deeper, although there is still much for me to learn. The enjoyment I get out of Orienteering has led me to want to live a healthier lifestyle, with a move to living more eco friendly and purchasing organic foods and products. I have started doing a boot camp with San Jose Adventure Boot Camp to further my workouts. My new energy and outlook on life has expanded my passion to host wonderful outdoor events!

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